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The Queensland Government will inject an extra $2.3 billion for frontline services and improved health outcomes for all Queenslanders.

In 2015-16, the Queensland Health Budget will increase by over 4% to a record $14.2 billion. Recognising that the scope of available services and associated demand continue to increase year on year, the Government has committed an additional $2.3 billion over four years. This funding will support the sustainable resourcing of health and ambulance services into the future.

Nursing jobs

$101.6 million over four years, in addition to internal funding, for the Nursing Guarantee policy which will employ up to 400 Nurse Navigators in Hospital and Health Services across Queensland.  The additional nurses will assist in rebuilding the nursing workforce, improve patient safety and assist patients to navigate from their referring GP or other primary care providers, through hospital based care.

$110.7 million over four years, in addition to internal funding, will be used to implement the Refresh Nursing initiative. This initiative will support the placement of up to 1,000 additional nurse graduates per year for the next four years in Health and Hospital Services.

Preventative health

$27.2 million over four years for Health for Life! Taking Action on Diabetes, a Type 2 diabetes prevention program. The program will focus on early detection and intervention by targeting 10,000 Queenslanders at high risk of developing diabetes, and helping them to make positive changes to their lifestyles.

$46.1 million over four years for the Healthier Queensland Action Plan to stop or manage health problems before Queenslanders require more expensive hospital based care. This includes introduction of a School Aged Nursing Service, a Queensland Health Promotion Commission and Select Committee, the reinvigoration of the Biala Sexual Health Clinic and supporting the Heart Foundation to expand its walking programs.

Hospitals and health facilities

$193.5 million over four years for the safe start-up of the Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital. The new funding will support the transition of clinical services, staff recruitment and medical school placements.

$180 million over four years for the Enhancing Regional Hospitals Program to undertake essential upgrades to Caloundra Hospital Service, Roma Hospital, Hervey Bay Emergency Department and Gladstone Emergency Department, as well as other regional priority capital projects.

$11.8 million over four years to Rebuild Mental Healthcare for Young People. This will include additional day services and expanded youth residential mental health services in Townsville.

Begin a Commission of Inquiry into the closure of the Barrett Adolescent Centre with the aim of restoring and improving mental health services in South East Queensland.

Outpatient Long Waits

$361.2 million over four years for the Outpatient Long Wait Strategy to address the needs of patients across the entire patient journey by reducing the number of people waiting longer than clinically recommended for a specialist outpatient appointment.

Ambulance Services

$39 million increase in ambulance expenditure in 2015-16, taking total expenditure to a record $633.3 million. This includes funding for 75 additional paramedics.


  • 2015-16 Health expenditure - $14.2 billion, up by over 4%.
  • $11.8 billion in federal health funding cuts, not restored by the Australian Government.
Last reviewed:
1 October 2015