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Advance Queensland

A $180 million investment in innovation, skills, education, business development and startups to diversify the Queensland economy and deliver knowledge-based jobs now and into the future.

The Government is focused on harnessing the opportunities that are available in startups, innovation businesses and our science and research base so that the Queensland workers of today have access to the new jobs of the future.

Queensland’s geographical proximity and shared time zone with Asia and our shared tropical climate with almost half the world’s population positions us perfectly as a gateway to the fastest growing regions in the world. 

This presents Queensland with immense global opportunities by both building on our world recognised expertise in areas such as medical science, biotechnology and robotics, and by unlocking our untapped startup potential to turn innovative ideas into new products and services.

It is not just our geographical location, our pristine environment and our resources that make Queensland the best place to live. The source of Queensland’s enormous potential continues to be our people – our human capital.

The Government is positive about Queensland’s future because we believe in the ability of the current and next generation to drive innovation, build a stronger economy and create jobs.

The Smart State investment of previous Labor governments attracted great scientists and researchers and led to the development of world leading research capability in science, technology, engineering and maths in Queensland.

But the competition for global talent and investment is fierce. We are witnessing other developed and emerging economies make ever greater investments in their innovation systems. 

So we need to act now if we want to remain and thrive as a global innovation hub. Advance Queensland is the next important step. We want to attract and develop the best and brightest talent in Queensland, translate our science and technology ideas into commercial and employment outcomes, and play our role in supporting a thriving startup ecosystem.  

The Government’s $180 million Advance Queensland investment is expected to co-leverage funding and generate total investment of $300 million into the state.

$50 million to develop, attract and retain world-class talent and skills by:

  • Delivering new research fellowships and scholarships to increase research talent
  • Global Partnership Awards to support collaboration between Queensland graduates and entrepreneurs with international companies and institutions
  • A future schools review of the teaching of science, technology, engineering and maths, including coding and computational science, ICT and robotics so that our kids have the jobs of the future
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships to link industry and universities through funding opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to have postgraduate graduates work in their business on an identified problem or project.

Fostering biotechnology

Industrial biotechnology – the creation of fuel, plastics and materials from organic materials – is a key opportunity for the Queensland economy. This new industry can be built on one of Queensland’s natural advantages, our links to the emerging economy centred on the tropics.

Through its proposed biofuel mandate, the Government will provide certainty to the biofuel industry so that it can invest, innovate, grow and create jobs. While a thriving biofuels industry is highly beneficial in its own right, it will also help create the foundation for a new high-value, knowledge-based bio-manufacturing industry for Queensland.